Friday, June 03, 2005

Food a Nine-Year Old Can Make

grater2 At last, a recipe even a nine-year old can make. And in fact, mine did, after attending a cooking class by the incomparable Johnny Giavos of the Sidewalk Cafe, 3 Monkeys, et al. Actually, my daughter learned a lot of recipes she can make on her own that night, but so far, the only one she's been able to remember and reproduce was Johnny's extra easy version of mac and cheese. Now, I guess Johnny is a little more persuasive than I am or maybe it was the do-it-yourself aspect of his presentation, but no one has ever eaten the macaroni and cheese I lovingly prepare by hand. Nope, Annie's from the box always wins, hands-down, every single time. And I end up eating my scrumptious, nutritious mac and cheese for days and days, all by myself. Johnny changed all of that. Here's his recipe, as remembered by a nine-year old chef: Giavos Mac & Cheese (*remember, all quantities are approximate) 8 oz. pasta of your choice (i.e. about half a box) 1/2 c. each, three cheeses of your choice: my daughter remembered cheddar and Manchego; we added Gruyere to the mix because we had some on hand 2-3 Tb. milk 2 Tb. butter lots of salt NO PEPPER! Cook the pasta according to its directions and drain. Add back to the pot over low heat; add butter and milk. Slowly sprinkle in cheese, and when melted and creamy, remove from heat. Serve. (Will feed two adults as a side dish and two children as the main course, with leftovers for lunch the next day. As nutritious and delicious as my more complicated--and spurred--version.) I didn't have to do anything at all except boil the pasta. What could be easier?


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